A Constant Struggle with ADHD

I wrote this post 4 years ago.  It’s amazing to see how things have changed in our struggle with ADHD and how they have remained the same.  My son is now 12 and while he does have moments of super hyperactivity, they aren’t ALL the time like they used to be.  And he is currently NOT on any medication.

Constant Struggle with ADHD

He does struggle with his grades still and we are working on ways to help with that. We have started using a student planner and that has helped some.  We only need to find a way to get him to WRITE THINGS IN IT now.  Any tips on that would be appreciated!

Tips For Your Struggle with ADHD

I have found a few wonderful resources for parenting a child with ADHD.  Look We’re Learning has a whole series named 31 Days of ADHD Homeschooling.  But so many of the articles can be used for those who don’t homeschool as well.  In particular I want to mention these:

I plan to publish a post in the near future with resources from many bloggers on parenting kids with ADHD.

Here is our story from 4 years ago:

“I often find myself telling (and more often thinking) my eight year old to, “sit still”, “settle down”. It’s the worst in the morning before his medicine has a chance to kick in. I want to grab some rope, tie him down and secure his mouth with duct tape.

Last year he was labeled ADHD. He was having problems in school and at home with concentrating, listening, getting along with others. I love the little guy, but it was hard to be around him. Our personalities clashed and it made for some very long and trying days. His siblings would all get short with him very quickly and it was hard for them to want to be around him as well. It’s an awful feeling to know that something is different about your child and that difference is affecting how others see him. I want him to be accepted and liked. I don’t want any of my children to feel rejection, though I know they all will in some way.

We started him on Adderall and behavior therapy shortly after. He did well on it for a while, but would constantly complain of stomach and headaches. We decided to try a different stimulant called Concerta. This one seemed to be a little better. Not as many stomach and head problems, but as time progressed he started displaying more and more aggressive tendencies. This time we took a different route and put him on a non-stimulant called Intuniv. I had read decent things about it online and was eager to try a non-stimulant variety. The effect on him was awful. He would sleep all day. I had read to keep them on it and as their body would get used to it, the side effects would lessen, but after a few months, he was still sleeping all day. I started getting letters and phone calls from his teacher about him sleeping in class and refusing to do work because he was so tired. He was getting B’s and C’s and less from not bringing in his homework.

He is now on Vyvanse. I think it’s a relatively newer medication. He has been on it for about three weeks, but I’ve already seen an improvement. He isn’t sleepy and he is very relaxed when he comes home from school. The second week his teacher emailed me to say how much of an improvement she saw in his attitude and willingness to complete his work. I looked in his folder yesterday to see all of his assignments had A’s! I am very hopeful about this one. I do not like to switch his medication all the time and mess with his mind each time it’s getting used to a new one. I really hope that this one is the right one for him to be able to function socially and academically. I see such a huge difference between his attitude in the morning before he takes it and after school when it is in his system.”

What is the 1 thing you have found that has helped your child deal more effectively with their ADHD symptoms?

 Are you dealing with the Constant Struggle with ADHD? Here is how our battle is going and a few tips for parenting a child with ADHD. http://mylittleme.com

Mikey - April 14, 2011

Great blog. I am in the midst of having my little guy checked out for add/adhd and more. I followed you here fro social mom site and wanted to welcome you to the network. Please come visit my blog- a follow back would be much obliged.

Danielle - April 15, 2011

Hi Jenny,

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment love! You have so much great information here! Look forward to following you!

Paula Atwell - April 23, 2015

LOL, unfortunately the not writing things in a planner may have nothing to do with ADD or ADHD. One of my daughters never seems to manage to write all of her stuff down in hers and she does not have either of those. It might just be teenage brain syndrome.

    Jennifer Dickison - April 24, 2015

    That’s probably true! My older son doesn’t write his down either. 🙂

Lynne E - April 28, 2015

Hi Jenny. I have just stumbled across your website and it was meant to be. My 11 year old has been on Concerta and Ritalin LA. He is just about to start on Vyvanse, so I was very interested in your experiences. Very similar to ours. Look forward to seeing how our boys go on this one.

    Jennifer Dickison - April 28, 2015

    He did so well with Vyvanse. We only took him off of it maybe 2 summers ago, just to give him a break from being drugged. 🙂 And he hasn’t been back on anything since. We have good days and bad days. But, he is not doing well in school, so I’m wondering if we might have to try it again. 🙁

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