10 Spirulina Benefits and Uses for a Healthier Life

spirulina benefits

Spirulina Super Food Benefits

Everyone from your local trainer to Superbowl MVP’s are using Spirulina as an essential part of their diet and nutrition plan. Why aren’t you?

It’s easy to take as a supplement or add to your diet.   Beyond some superfood fad, Spirulina benefits are the real deal.  Unlike some supplements that have little to no scientific backing to support their claims, Spirulina is the exception. In numerous studies, it’s been proven to burn fat, boost energy, and battle disease.  Since parents and kids alike need to develop the habits of healthy eating, and the Spirulina benefits seem endless, it’s time to learn more about this superfood for you and your family.

10 Reasons You Should Add Spirulina To Your Daily Health Routine:

1. A Concentrated Source of Protein, Antioxidants and Amino Acids

Amino acids make up 62% of spirulina. Couple with super-concentrated protein and four-times the Antioxidants found in blueberries, and Spirulina redefines the term superfood.

As an Anti-inflammatory, the Spirulina benefits are unmatched. And the list of diseases it can prevent may surprise you.

2. Lowers Your Chance of Stroke

Worried about hardening arteries or plaque buildup?

Does your family have a history of stroke?

Spirulina has been proven as beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis as well as reducing risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

3. It Lowers Blood Pressure Too

Doses of Spirulina have been shown to help lower blood pressure in trials.

While we’re clearing the air about this great disease fighter, take a deep breath because…

4. Spirulina benefits Allergy Sufferers

Take it from the experts:

“Significantly improved the symptoms and physical findings including nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion, and itching. Spirulina is clinically effective on allergic rhinitis when compared with placebo.”

5. Cancer Fighting Benefits

Scientific studies have shown that Spirulina decreases tumor size when battling cancer.

6. Increases Endurance

In a scientific study “Spirulina supplementation induced a significant increase in exercise performance.” That’s why pro athletes depend on the supplement.

What about you and me? Good news.

7. Spirulina Burns Fat

The same study showed spirulina “increased fat oxidation rate by 10.9%” over a placebo.

Why aren’t we all taking this again?

8. It Prevents Muscle Damage

In yet another scientific study, Spirulina was shown to prevent skeletal muscle damage.

The study also confirmed that Spirulina “led to postponement of the time of exhaustion.”

Boosts energy and prevents muscle damage?

What else?

9. Helps Treat Diabetes

There’s been proof of the beneficial effect of Spirulina supplementation in controlling blood glucose levels.

Is there anything Spirulina can’t make better?

10.  It’s Even In Unicorn Lattes

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the clearest health benefit, but who doesn’t want Healing Unicorn Lattes?

If so, you better add a sprinkle of Spirulina to get the full effects of this powerful nutrient! And heal your unicorn powers, of course.

Remember, having fun is one of the keys to great health.

And More

Research suggests this superfood helps eye diseases, protects against liver disorders, can help HIV/AIDS patients, detoxes metal from your body, and also boosts your immune system.

The pros of taking Spirulina grow with every scientific research study.

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Clara Cole - May 20, 2017

My doctor personally recommended that I take some spirulina supplements. And I was like, why spirulina. And before I knew it, my usual high blood pressure had come down so much that I went as far as telling all my friends to also give it a try. The benefits are amazing.

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