FREE Sight Word Jumping Activity Sheets!

If you’re working on a sight words list with your kid, I would love for you to check out these sight word worksheets I made for my daughter.

sight words worksheets

These are some of the first grade sight words she is currently working on in school.

Sight Word Worksheets

There are 3 worksheets in this set and it is FREE for subscribers only.  (Normally .50 cents).  Each page has five new sight words for your child to use.  The worksheet asks your child to think of a new word by changing only one letter of their sight word.  You can get a closer look at them by clicking the link below, or you can pick them up for free by subscribing below!

SEE THEM HERE –> Sight Word Jumping <– SEE THEM HERE

FREE Sight Word Jumping Worksheets for 1st grade helps teach them to build new words while reinforcing sight words - My Little Me

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