The 5 Best Exercises To Add To Your Pregnancy Workout Plan

pregnancy workout planEase those aches and pains with a pregnancy workout plan!

While medical experts previously advised against physical exercise for pregnant women, this is no longer the case. In fact, recent research suggests both the mother and the baby can significantly benefit from a pregnancy workout plan.

The benefits of a pregnancy workout plan include improved mood, a rapid post-delivery recovery and it could even help ease symptoms such as fatigue or sleep loss.

How much should you do?

It is advised to do approximately 30 minutes every day of moderate exercise.

But what exercises can you do during this 30 minute period?

It’s certainly not the best time to start learning how to ski or hang glide, however, there are many exercises you can add to your pregnancy workout plan. The best exercises to do during pregnancy are cardiovascular because they increase blood circulation, endurance, as well as, muscle tone.

While it is always important to speak with your doctor before engaging in any exercise during pregnancy, there are certain exercises that are highly recommended during pregnancy.


Swimming, including water aerobics, is one of the most highly recommended exercises to do during pregnancy. While you’re in the water, you weigh much less. This means that you feel much lighter and limber.

Swimming can also ease nausea, sciatic pain and relieve those puffy ankles. And, since your baby is floating as well, you get do exercise while taking some of the pressure off those ligaments and joints.

Brisk walking

Brisk walking must be the most convenient and cheapest exercise to do during pregnancy. You can also continue to do it right up until your delivery date.

Going for a hike is also fine, but it’s good to stick to flat terrain and mild weather conditions.

Indoor Cycling

While both outdoor and indoor cycling allows you to take some pressure off your joints, indoor cycling is preferable because it removes any risk of falling off the bicycle. The extra weight of the baby can really put you off balance. Plus, indoor cycling allows you to pedal at your own speed, without worrying about other cyclists.

If you don’t own your own indoor bike, that’s no problem. There are many indoor cycling classes that you could attend. However, don’t forget to let the instructor know you’re pregnant.


As long as it’s pregnancy appropriate, pilates is a suitable exercise during pregnancy. Pilates strengthens your muscles, which could ease much of the strain and aches in your upper body.

When your belly grows bigger, you’ll be thankful for the improved posture gained from doing pilates.


Yoga is another great exercise to add to your pregnancy workout plan. Many people praise prenatal yoga because it facilitates relaxation of mind and body, flexible limbs, the focus of the mind and deep and controlled breathing. That’s all going to be excellent preparation for giving birth.

There are also many classes specifically for pregnant women. Alternatively, you could request your instructor to slightly alter some of the moves to ensure you’re taking it easy.


Now you have no excuses to not get started on your pregnancy workout plan!  As soon as you deliver, also consider using a postpartum girdle to help your abdominal muscles repair.  They are great for keeping fluid out of your mid-section as well.  Our guide will help you choose which one is right for you.

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