Painting with an Avocado – Art for Kids

We had so much fun painting with an Avocado over the weekend.  I was trying to think of some fun crafts we could do that started with an ‘A’.  And for some reason Avocado art just came up.  Weird.

Avocado Art for Kids My Little Me

We’re planning to work our way through the alphabet with different crafts and activities to go along.  My preschooler (and toddler) both went with me to the store to help buy the perfect Avocado.  We also bought a few more for tasting.  And then we had a fun time rolling the Avocado around trying to get it to roll into the different colors.

Painting with an Avocado

All you need for this fun little art project:

  • an Avocado (or 2)
  • kid-safe paints
  • tall-sided pan or box
  • white or construction paper
  • aluminum foil

If you end up using a pan, place aluminum foil (or newspaper, etc) over it first to protect your pan.  The sides of my pan were almost not high enough.  Our avocado jumped out a couple of times.

avocado painting for kids My Little Me

Have the kids choose which colors they want to use and let them place drops of paint randomly on the piece of paper.  Then the fun happens.  Help your kids move the pan in different directions to roll the avocado around in the paint.  If they’re old enough they will probably want to control the pan all by themselves.  My 7 year old did her own and she did pretty well.

We loved the all of the different designs that the avocado made for us.

Painting With an Avocado My Little Me

I wonder what other food we can make art with!

Have you made any food art with your kids?

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