Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 7 Things Every New Parent Needs

Being a new parent is fun, exciting, life changing, and many more positive expressions about the experience of caring for a newborn in your life. However, you are often bombarded with opinions from other parents – mostly your own in my case, your friends, and the other various mommy blogs that are out there on what you could be doing better.

When you are experiencing the incredible moments of being a new parent, and the challenges of juggling it all into your already busy life, we believe that there are few things you can do to provide some stability into the equation.

Receiving/Swaddling Blankets

Where to Buy: Bambino Basics

It’s finally here. After a long 9 months, your baby is born into your arms. Now what? We understand that you want the best of everything, but your baby touches to be cashmere. That’s why we recommend these Swaddling Blankets. They are incredible soft, breathable and are one of the few that allow for the perfect snug fit. Did we mention there are 5 of them? That’s means less laundry for you and more cuddling with your bundle of joy.

Portable High Chair

 Where to Buy: Amazon??.com

It’s no secret that you need to eat every day, but not every meal takes place in the same place. That’s where a portable high chair really comes in handy making feeding your baby a breeze (less chaotic). This particular model has wheels making it easy to maneuver. It also can attach to any sized chair allowing the baby to finally have a seat at the table. What’s more, if you are on the go, it easily stows in the back of your car.

Breast Pump

Where to Buy:

For those of you that are choosing to make formula for you child, congrats! That’s one thing you do not have to worry about. However, if nursing is something you plan to do, you’re going to want to splurge for the best. Aside from your partner, getting something attached to your boobs will never feel comfortable, but it’s important one that is snug and fits well. You will also want a daily-use pump that is durable and portable, since you’ll most likely be taking it to and from work and everywhere in between.

Car Seat/Stroller Combo

Where to Buy:

Sure, a stroller is a must have, but the key here is compatibility. If you are going to buy a stroller and car seat anyway, you might as well buy ones that are compatible with one another. So of course you’ll need a stroller to move baby from point A to point B, but a travel system will get you a lot more mileage. Let’s say you’re walking around town and all of a sudden she’s out for the count and you need to take a trip to grandmas. In most cases you’ll have to wake the baby, but now you’ll be able to snap them out and into the car without losing a Z.

Teething Toys

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Teething is something you will encounter on a regular basis. One thing you will quickly learn as a parent is that you will do just about to make the pain go away. Meet Sophie. Made from all natural rubbers and food paint, she was in the stroller of nearly everyone in the neighborhood. While, it’s not clear why she works so well with babies, the sound of silence is all the evidence you should need.

Diaper Bag/Purse

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Who says you can’t look good while caring for a newborn? We chose to opt for a fashionable, yet highly functional diaper bag. It’s going everywhere your purse would go, so look into getting one that matches your style. Make sure it is washable, has plenty of space, and easily attaches to a stroller. This one has a built in changing pad too!

Multi-Use Pads

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Remember that bag we just mentioned? Make sure these are always inside! And if you have not gotten the hint by not, having versatility in everything you use will not only save you money, but you be more nimble to handle anything that comes your way. That’s the reason why we recommend these multiuse pads. They are waterproof, can be cut to any size, and have a variety of practical uses (think Blanket, Portable Changing Pad Cover, etc.).

There are plenty more we could add to this list, but from our experience, these are the 7 things every new parent needs to help them juggle their already busy life.

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