Your Guide to the Best Maternity Leggings 2017

maternity leggingsPregnancy is tough. Your body goes through lots of changes, and that alone is stressful enough. But when your favorite jeans or summer dress no longer fits, what do you do?Well, help is here!

Maternity leggings offer you everything you could want or expect from your maternity wardrobe. Whether you are carrying high or low, having a boy or a girl, leggings are a great choice when you’re expecting.  However, what are the very best leggings out there?

Read on to learn more about the best options and styles for you.

With Maternity Leggings, It Is All About Style

There are two key styles of maternity leggings:

There are leggings that come up over your belly, hugging your whole figure.  Or, you have those that stop around the waist, much like any regular pair of pants. Either way, they’re both perfect for helping you flaunt your new curves and share your pregnancy with the world.  Which one you choose is entirely up to you. It is a question of comfort and personal style. Clothing is all about suiting your personal preferences.

Softer is Often Better

Given the degree of changes your body goes through during pregnancy, you want to pick items of clothing that are going to reduce any harshness or possible irritations.  Opting for softer and natural materials is a great way to ensure your comfort throughout the day.

One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

When it comes down to it, most maternity leggings are sold under the motto of ‘one size fits all’. However, this is not always the case. Our bodies are different. They are unique, and never more so than during pregnancy.  One size may be designed to fit all, but not all will fit well.  Avoid buying leggings that are too big, under the guise that you will ‘grow into them’  because that is not how it works.

What are the Top 10 Maternity Leggings for 2017?

The range of options available to you are astounding and proves you can still dress cute, no matter your trimester. Let’s take a look at our best-rated leggings for the year ahead:

10. David Lerner Women’s Maternity Leggings – Comfortable leggings, and worth the price, but maybe not for all budgets. It’s a perfect pair to wear for special occasions.

9. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Leggings – 84% of women rate these leggings with four stars and above online!

8. Pinksee Casual Cotton Leggings – A great pair of everyday leggings that are designed for comfort.

7. Old Navy Low Rise Leggings – Available in a range of sizes with a low-level waistband to give you the best fit for your body.

6. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Crop Leggings – Quality leggings at a great price! Perfect for every stage of pregnancy.

5. Giftpocket Leggings – Vibrant and colorful designs, these are perfect for the days when you are loving summer and want to have some fun.

4. Leading Lady Loving Moments Leggings – Great value leggings in both cotton and nylon ranges.

3. HDE Women’s Maternity Yoga Pants – Light Weight and great for all body types. Perfect for mommas-to-be on a budget.

2. Happy Mama Boutique Jeans Look Leggings – Get that authentic denim look with the comfort of leggings. Perfect when you want to stay stylish through your pregnancy.

1. My Bella Mama Leggings Yoga Pants – These come with an adjustable waistband that can be rolled down over the belly to suit your mood and body shape.

Dress with Style and Comfort Through your Pregnancy

At the end of the day, style is personal, and we all look for different things in our clothes. That doesn’t change just because you are pregnant. There is no secret to which pair you should or shouldn’t wear.  When it comes to buying maternity leggings, the best pair of leggings out there is the one that makes you feel the best. It is your body, your pregnancy, so go out there and own it!  Grab a pair of comfortable leggings today and get back to enjoying your pregnancy. And check back often for the latest tips and trends in maternity wear.

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