Lace Up These Letter A Cards for Fine Motor Practice!

Lacing Cards are so fun for the little kids!  The letter A lacing cards set is the first one I have made and used with my kids and they took to it right away!  I do have some tips later on for using these, so check those out after you print a set out for your kids.

Letter A Lacing Cards

I also plan to make the full alphabet set eventually, but that may take some time.  So, check back here often to see if new ones have come out!  Or you can sign up for our weekly newsletter to see all the new posts and printables that have come out that week!

If you’re working on the letter A, you may also want to check out the Letter A Playdough Mat and the Letter A Hidden Pictures coloring page.  I think it’s time to move on t0 Letter B!

Letter A Lacing Cards

To use the lacing cards, print out the whole set.  I recommend print on thick cardstock paper to extend the life of the card.

PRINT HERE —> Letter A Lacing Cards Set <— PRINT HERE

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Once you have them all printed, cut them out and laminate them using a laminating machine or self-laminating paper.  I LOVE my Laminator that I purchased during a lightning deal from  But if you don’t have one, you can just use Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets to make the lacing cards more sturdy.

More cutting.  Once you’ve laminated all the cards, cut them out again, then use a single hole punch to punch out all of the holes for the lacing thread to go through.

Tips for Making Lacing Cards

  • Use cardstock to print them out.
  • Reinforce them by laminating or gluing onto a cereal box.
  • Use ribbon or a soft yarn for the kids to lace them.

When I first printed, I used regular printer paper and bought thick shoestrings thinking the kids would like them better.  The cards quickly tore because the shoestrings were too rough on the thin paper.  Using thicker paper and soft ribbon has helped tremendously!

Other Printable Lacing Cards:

Use a Kitchen Sink Mat as a lacing card

Use lacing cards in a busy bag

My kids had a lot of fun using these Letter A Lacing Cards  to work on their fine motor skills.  Also great for teaching beginning sewing!

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