Our Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Journey

So, Saturday I was out in the yard and came across a Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar…

monarch caterpillar

I thought, “How cool it would be to bring it in, feed it and watch it go through the stages of becoming a butterfly.  So, that is exactly what I did.

I brought it inside.

Then I look up how to care for it, what does it eat? It eats Milkweed…

Only Milkweed…

Guess how many types of milkweed there are?  Over 100!  Guess how many kinds of milkweed I found in my yard? Zero!  So, I set off with my two little ones, walking around town trying to find some milkweed for this little science project.

I came home empty handed.

Fast Forward to Sunday.  We had driven around and walked around several times in an attempt to find food for this little critter, with no good results.  I thought I would give it one last attempt before putting it back outside thinking surely it must know where the milkweed is nearby.

I had found many different weeds that were similar to milkweed, but they weren’t milkweed.  The leaves were too small and just not right.  I really wasn’t sure how big the leaves were.  My husband finally found some on the side of one of the back roads we traveled.  I don’t know how he saw it since we were going pretty fast and it had no flowers on it.  The side of the road had to look like just a big blur of green.

But he found it.  And for comparison, this is how big the leaf is:

A milkweed leaf next to a quarter…

size of milkweed leaf

And guess what little surprise we found on that milkweed plant…

tiny monarch caterpillar

Tiny compared to my 4 year olds hands…

tiny monarch caterpillar

What did I get myself into?

Stay tuned to follow our Monarch Butterfly journey…

We Have Chrysalis!

The Butterfly has Emerged!

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