Inchworm Craft for Preschool Letter I and Measurement

Inchworm Painting for preschoolers learning letter I and/or measurements

We are learning about the letter I in preschool this week.

So far we have practiced writing out i’s.  We have read about ice cream.  This morning we cut some green pipe cleaners to be an inch long, then we measured everything in sight using the inch strips.

Our craft for this morning also used more of the green pipe cleaners.

Inchworm Craft for Preschool

We cut green pipe cleaners into 2 inch strips just so they would be long enough to bend the right way.   We bent them to look like inchworms and glued them down onto white paper.

Inchworm Craft for Preschool

Then the most fun part for my daughter was using a plastic fork to paint the grass around her inchworms.  She loves painting and thought it was silly, but fun to use a fork.

My 18 month old daughter did really well with this craft also.  She was excited that mommy let her paint without helping.

This cute little craft is so easy and is great to do along with the Letter I and learning about measurements.

Do your little ones love to paint?
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