How to Get Grass Stains (and Other Tricky Stains) Out of Kids’ Clothes

*Todays guest post is by Erin Martin

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If you’re a mom, you want your children to look the best they can look by wearing well-kept clothing. Unfortunately, if your kids are anything like mine, cleanliness can be a constant struggle. Kids will be kids, and kids like to get dirty. It can be very frustrating when they come home covered in all kinds of stains. Luckily, we don’t have to buy expensive cleaning solutions and detergents if we know what types of things to use to get out the trickier stains. There are a number of ways that you can make your own homemade stain removers with items that you probably already have in your home.

Grass Stains, Grease Stains and More

One of the simplest, most effective solutions that you can use is vinegar. Vinegar’s highly acidic nature makes it ideal for removing many kinds of stains. It’s also completely natural, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with harsh, dangerous chemicals. It’ll get grass stains, grease stains, and many other types of stains right out and get apparel looking pristine again.

The first step of this process is to allow the article of clothing to fully soak in the vinegar. Make sure that the entire stained area has absorbed the vinegar. Rub the vinegar into the stain firmly, but carefully. You want to be thorough without damaging the article of clothing. Once this step is complete, proceed to machine wash the clothing as you normally would. When the clothes come out of the machine, they should look as good as new.

Glue Stains

My youngest, like many kids, is crazy for arts and crafts. While she makes a lot of cute trinkets for us to show off to the friends and relatives, it also leads to a lot of mess. Before I learned this little trick, mishaps with glue led to a lot of ruined kids fashion in our home. As I later found out, this is a problem with a very simple solution.

You’re going to need some petroleum jelly, dish soap, and baby oil. Rub the petroleum jelly onto the glue spot. Work it into stain, using the jelly to loosen up the thicker pieces of glue. When they’re loose, you can start removing them. Be careful not to be too forceful when pulling off the glue, as you run the risk of damaging the delicate fabric underneath. Once the glue is removed, get your baby oil. You want to rub it into the stain to help dissolve the remaining sticky residue from the glue. Once that is done, take your dish soap and rub that into the stain. Be thorough, but gentle.

After you’ve worked the soap in to your satisfaction, rinse it completely with hot water. At this point, the kids fashion article should be looking almost as if nothing had ever happened, with the exception of some persistent crud that’s still lingering. After rinsing the article of clothing, you want to machine wash it with hot water. The heat will help bring out whatever minimal residue remains.

Keeping your children’s clothes clean can seem like an expensive, difficult struggle. However, equipped with the right knowledge and some clever tricks, you will never have to worry again about maintaining clean kids fashion. Clean, well-dressed kids are happy kids, and when cleaning is easy and inexpensive, you will be happy, too.

*Erin Martin is the owner and writer for KidSource blog, a new online resource for all things kids’ style and health.

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Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom - October 3, 2012

These are great tips! Anything kids can get on clothes, they will. Even things I couldn’t even imagine before having a child of my own.

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