Four Activities to Teach Children Appreciation

teach appreciation

This post was inspired by the experts at Kiddie Academy who have been a leader in educational childcare for over 30 years!

Appreciation is a very important quality for children to learn.  So many kids today (mine included) do not appreciate what they have.

Here are a few ideas and activities that may help to teach this important manner to children.  And these activities may even be a fun bonding experience for you and your child.

Thankfulness Tree

Use this tree for your children to add a leaf each week with one thing they are thankful for.  It will get them thinking of all the things in their life that they appreciate.

Donate to Those Less Fortunate

Take your child on a shopping trip specifically to buy canned goods and items for less fortunate people.  Bring them along as you take the items to a local food pantry or shelter.

This is a great time to talk about appreciation of all the things you and your child do have.  Even the little things that others would desperately love to have, but might never see.  And that even food is scarce to some people.

Make Cards for Sick Children

Along the same lines as the previous activity, making cards for sick children can open up a conversation with your child and an opportunity to learn appreciation for their good health and life.

Sit down with your child and help them create a stack of cards or colorful pictures for kids who are terminally or chronically ill.  Talk to your child about some of the illnesses that these children might be facing and that life and health are things to appreciate and take care of.

Also, let them know how happy the children will be to receive a card or picture from them.

Demonstrate Appreciation

Kids learn by mimicking.  We’ve all discovered this the first time a young one repeats a not so nice word that slipped from our mouths.  Or we see it in the gestures or body language they mirror from us.

Knowing this can easily turn their need to parrot us into a teaching tool.  If they see us thanking the mailman, their teachers, librarians, or others, we can hope this will be learned and become a part of who they are.

Do you have any other ideas or activities you could share with your child to teach appreciation for all they have?

*I am currently working with Kiddie Academy to get the word out about their education-based childcare.  Their proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum, supporting programs, methods, activities, and techniques help prepare children for life.  Visit the KA Family Essentials blog for more.

Donna Cavanagh - April 24, 2012

This picture is adorable and this blog is wonderful! I always jump to read it when I get your share notice!

    Jennifer Dickison - April 25, 2012

    Thank you so much!

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