5 Homemade DIY Decoupage Christmas Gift Ideas with Older Kids

Decoupage is so fun and can do amazing things!  My kids and I had fun taking some of these ordinary items and transforming them into beautiful homemade gifts that they are excited to give for Christmas.  These projects are definitely for the older children or can be accomplished with a lot of help for the younger ones.

The pictures are the ones we created.  The links to the websites with instructions are below the photos.  Enjoy and have fun creating!

decoupage crafts jewelry holder christmas gift Decoupage Jewelry or Desk Organizer

christmas candle decoupage gift craft Decoupage Christmas Candle

decoupage clock christmas gifts craft Decoupage Paper Clock

decoupage plate christmas gifts Decoupage a Glass Plate

decoupage votive holder christmas giftsDecoupage Votive Candle Holder

Need more ideas for Christmas crafts with kids?

furniture store - December 16, 2011

I love that clock! It’s so cute and colorful!

    Jennifer Dickison - December 18, 2011

    Thank you so much!

Mary Beth Elderton - November 14, 2012

These are super nice! The candle would make a great gift for a tween or teen to make and give.

Beth Bishop - October 18, 2017

Thank you heather for this amazing list of stuff! Have you heard of CubbyCase? I recently heard about them from another parent and they’re a learning through play subscription box for children, by Harvard experts! Thought that would make a really interesting gift for kids.

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