Best Natural Cough Remedies for Instant Relief

natural cough remedies

According to the Mayo Clinic, a cough is your body’s way of responding when something irritates your throat or airways.  Basically, an irritant stimulates the nerves in your throat.  Your nerves tell your brain: “hey, something’s bugging me.”  Your brain then tells your chest muscles to get rid of that irritant.  Occasional coughing is normal.  But what if it persists?  That’s where we can help.  In this article, we’re going to look at three natural cough remedies you can employ for instant relief.

1. Gargling with Salt Water

I know every time I complained of a sore throat, the first thing my mom told me to do was gargle with warm salt water.  It’s one of the most popular Dr. Mom prescriptions, right up there with chicken noodle soup.  Does it work, though?  As it turns out, mom was on to something.  The salt in the water kills the mucus infecting your throat and washes the germs away.  It may only be temporary, but any relief is better than none at all.  Dozens of recipes exist online, however, all you really need is about a half teaspoon of salt mixed with some warm water.  Then, tilt your head back and gargle for about a minute.  Do this as often as you need to soothe your cough.  It’s not the best tasting of the natural cough remedies, but it works.

2. Create Natural Cough Remedies with Honey

This one is probably the sweetest of the natural cough remedies.  Studies show that consuming honey before bed can alleviate night time coughs.  It also has the same effectiveness as the ingredients found in most over-the-counter cough suppressants, but honey costs less and tastes better.  That sure beats the pants off of Robitussin!  You can mix honey into a mug of hot tea or a glass of lemon water.  You can also take two teaspoons straight up for direct relief.  Be careful when using this solution if you have young children.  Doctors recommend not giving honey to newborns younger than one due to the risk of infant botulism.  You should also skip the honey if your child has a fever or symptoms lasting longer than a couple of weeks.  You probably need a doctor to prescribe something stronger.

3. Ginger

You may have cooked with ginger before, but did you know its one of the best natural cough remedies?  Ginger root contains oleoresin, a natural combination of oils that acts as an antitussive or cough stopper.  The best part about ginger is that it is a flexible ingredient that you can incorporate into anything from teas, to juices, even candy.  You can find ginger recipes everywhere online and make it a fun activity for you and your kids.  However, if you or your kids aren’t feeling up to it, or you’re like me and can’t cook, you can always go to the cookie aisle in your local grocery store and pick up a bag of ginger snaps.  They’ll do the trick and you can give yourself an awesome excuse to buy cookies.


Being sick is never fun.  While you can try to alleviate coughs and colds around your home using humidifiers, natural remedies can work wonders.  Got any more natural cough remedies that we didn’t mention?

Tell us in the comments or share how these solutions worked for you!

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