Best Jogging Strollers 2017

Whether you’re a serious runner or you just want to spend more time being active outdoors, there is a jogging stroller that is perfect for your lifestyle. The growing trend in jogging strollers means that there is a large variety of models and features to choose from. Here is our list of the top 5 jogging strollers to help you in your search:

Top 5 Running Strollers

Below are detailed reviews for each of our highest rated jogging strollers to help you decide which one is best for you.

BOB Gear (formerly Beast of Burden), the innovative company that created the Yak trailer, set out to design a superior jogging stroller. One popular result is the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller.

This versatile stroller is rugged enough to handle off-road terrain, yet sleek enough for the urban environment. Its impressive features include:

  • Front wheel that can swivel for extra maneuverability, or lock in a forward position for stability when jogging
  • Adjustable padded handlebar with 9 positions to suit parents of almost any height
  • Cutting-edge suspension system which can be fine-tuned according to your child’s weight
  • Air-filled tires with rubber spokes, which won’t break or rust
  • One-handed recline which offers a completely upright seated position
  • Padded, five-point harness with adjustable straps that don’t require rethreading
  • Plenty of storage, including a basket, two interior side pockets, and a rear mesh pocket
  • Large, adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Simple, two-step folding
  • Fits children from 8 weeks old up to 75 pounds (but you should refrain from jogging with baby until they reach about 8 months old)
  • Can be used with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately) as a travel system


Overall, the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller is a high-quality jogging stroller that gives a smooth ride. We love its state-of-the-art suspension and how easy it is to steer. Parents also appreciate the parking brake’s ease of use and the comfortable, padded seat. Hard-core joggers like the fine-tune control for the front wheel, which lets you correct for any pulling to one side. There are a few negatives: the canopy can get in the way of taller children, the seat fabric cannot be detached for washing, and, at 28.5 pounds, this stroller is on the heavier side. However,  the smooth ride and excellent maneuverability of this model more than make up for it.

Joovy, an American, family-started company, has been in the baby gear business since 2005. The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is an example of their contemporary design and quality construction. This is a super stroller and offers:

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Internal, shock-absorbing suspension
  • Pneumatic rubber wheels, including quick-release 16-inch rear wheels and a 12.5-inch front wheel that can swivel or lock straight
  • Adjustable recline and wide seat
  • One-step, linked parking brake
  • Carries children up to 75 pounds
  • Quick and compact fold with auto-lock
  • Oversized canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Large storage basket, neoprene parent organizer, and mesh pockets for child’s toys and snacks
  • Travel system compatible with car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • At only 25.7 pounds, one of the lighter models available

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller has some great features, and all at a fairly affordable price. It provides an enjoyable running experience, due to its straight rear axle and shocks over the back wheels. We gave extra points for the huge, inflatable tires, high seat, and the included tire pump. Though some parents may miss having an adjustable handlebar or hand brake, they will certainly love the easy-clean metal footrest and compact fold.

The Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller is a sleek and agile stroller, ideal for jogging off-road or exploring urban locales. It features:

  • Front wheel that swivels for tight turns, or locks in place for jogging
  • Height-adjustable, padded harness
  • Rear suspension
  • Durable, rust-free wheels with easy-release axle for quick removal
  • Adjustable, multi-position seat that can recline to a near flat position
  • Ergonomic, adaptable handlebar to fit a variety of parents’ heights
  • Over-sized canopy with vinyl, peek-through window
  • One-handed, compact folding
  • Travel system compatible with car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • Large, zippered storage basket and additional mesh pockets

With its lightweight and highly-maneuverable design, the Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller is a popular, affordable option. We liked that it fits easily in narrow places and folds like a breeze. We do miss having a hand brake and parent console, but this stroller’s quick assembly and high-quality construction still make it a winner in our eyes. An added bonus for laundry-burdened parents: the front fender deflects mud splatters.

Chicco is a European baby product company with a reputation for innovation and excellence. Their Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller is a perfect blend of fitness jogger and everyday stroller. Some of the features that come with this stroller include:

  • Lightweight, aluminum frame
  • FlexCore suspension system that you can adjust with a toe tap
  • Front wheel swivel lock that is controlled from the handlebar
  • Hand-operated parking brake for rear tires
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Multi-position, reclining seat
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with four height options
  • Quick-release wheels with no-maintenance tires that never go flat
  • One-handed fold into self-standing, compact, or flat position
  • Large, extendable sunshade with tinted peek-a-boo window
  • Durable and water-resistant fabrics
  • Storage basket and parent tray
  • Compatible with all Chicco KeyFit infant car seats
  • Accommodates children from 6 months old up to 50 pounds


We like the Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller for its robust design and durable shocks which smoothly handle bumpy terrain. Other nifty extras are the brake controls on the handlebar, and wheels that don’t need to be pumped up. Though some may find it bulky and heavy for shorter trips, parents are loving its maneuverability and overall ease of use. This is a stroller that gives you great value for the money.

The second BOB jogging stroller in our top 5, the BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller has all the great features found in the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller, with the addition of hand-operated, rear-drum brakes for additional downhill control. This deluxe, all-terrain stroller also includes:

  • Front wheel that can swivel for extra maneuverability, or lock in a forward position for stability when jogging
  • Cutting-edge suspension system which can be fine-tuned according to your child’s weight
  • Adjustable, padded handlebar with 9 positions to suit parents of almost any height
  • One-handed recline which offers a completely upright seated position
  • Polymer wheels with air-filled tires and rubber spokes, which won’t break or rust
  • Simple, two-step folding
  • Can be used with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately) as a travel system
  • Fits children from 8 weeks old up to 75 pounds (but you should refrain from jogging with baby until they reach about 8 months old)

The versatile BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller is great for both high-intensity running and laidback strolls. Though the stroller is a little on the heavier side, we were wowed by the hand-operated, rear drum brake and the wide range of seating angles. Also, the large canopy and no-rethread harness are extra perks that make this stroller a worthy contender.

Choosing a Jogging Stroller

What is a jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers are rugged, three-wheeled strollers that have a lockable, front-swivel wheel. Many will also have large, air-filled tires and hand-operated brakes, making it suitable for jogging or navigating uneven terrain. However, a jogging stroller may not necessarily replace your everyday stroller. By design, jogging strollers are larger and heavier than umbrella strollers. Unlocking the front wheel will increase maneuverability, but you may find that they are still not nimble enough for quick errands or tightly-packed spaces.

Note that your baby should be at least 6-8 months old before you can use the stroller to run with your baby. Their neck and core muscles must be properly developed to be able to handle any kind of jostling activity, even while in a car seat. Consult your pediatrician before you start jogging with your baby.

Why buy a jogging stroller?

If you enjoy runs or brisk walks outdoors and you want to bring your child along, you’ll probably find a jogging stroller very useful. Regular strollers are not equipped to protect babies from the jarring bumps caused by speeding over uneven terrain. They also don’t have the control and stability that jogging strollers have, which are equipped with a locking front wheel and heavy-duty tires and brakes. Jogging with your stroller is a great way to stay active, and children really enjoy the swift, rhythmic ride.

Jogging Stroller Features to Look For:

Below are features to look for when shopping for a jogging stroller:

  • Easy to Push:  As a runner, you want a stroller that is easy to push while jogging along uneven paths. Consider a stroller with adjustable tracking, less rolling resistance, and a comfortable handlebar shape.
  • Ease of Use: Stroller features are only helpful if they are easy to use. Options like reclining seats and canopies should be simple to adjust. Cup holders and storage baskets should be generously-sized. Keep in mind that too many bells and whistles may actually weigh down the stroller and not be necessary for jogging.
  • Maneuverability: A highly maneuverable stroller will turn easily in tight spaces and remain stable at higher speeds. Large tires and a good steering mechanism will give you greater control, even with one hand, on various surfaces and at different speeds.
  • Weight and size: The smaller and lighter the stroller, the more agile it will be when running. It will also be more manageable to fold and store.
  • Large rubber tires: Jogging strollers usually have 16-inch rear wheels and a 12-inch front wheel, outfitted with air-filled, rubber tires. These wheels, twice as large as traditional stroller wheels, ensure a smoother ride over bumpy terrain. They also reduce rolling resistance, helping your runs to feel more effortless. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure regularly and refill with air as needed.
  • Sturdy:  Good-quality fittings will add longevity to your stroller. Check that the frame is made from strong materials that don’t flex too much. Look at hinges and connectors, and make sure the wheels attach securely. Also, the fabric should ideally be snag- and stain-resistant, water-repellent, and durable.
  • Front wheel lock: Strollers without a fixed front wheel, or the ability to lock it straight, are not safe for running. The front wheel will wobble or turn sharply, potentially tipping the stroller. Only a locked front wheel will keep the stroller stable and moving straight forward at any speed faster than walking.
  • Adjustable tracking: Adjustable tracking is another feature that is helpful for keeping the stroller’s movement straight. If your stroller pulls to one side, you can adjust the tracking and align the front wheel to keep it tracking straight. Without this feature, a stroller may veer constantly to one side when running, forcing you to manually correct your path.
  • Solid Suspension:  A good suspension system will give you and your baby a smooth ride, even on bumpy terrain. Typically, jogging strollers have rear suspension to help offset the jarring motions of running and keep baby comfortable. Some strollers, like the BOB models we reviewed, have exceptional suspensions because they can be adjusted to suit the terrain or your child’s weight.
  • Distance between Wheels: Jogging strollers should have a relatively large distance between its wheels. This means the front wheel can take most of the impact on bumpy terrain, transferring the jarring motion away from baby.
  • Five-point harness: Similar to the harness in an infant car seat, it secures baby in the stroller and reduces the risk of injuries in a collision or flip-over. The harness should be easy to put on and adjust for a perfect fit.
  • Safety Tether: This is a strap that is attached at one end to the stroller and loops around your wrist at the other end. A potential life-saving feature, it stops the stroller from rolling away should you unintentionally let go of the handle.
  • Sun Shield:  A canopy is essential to shield your child from the sun’s harmful rays and inclement weather. Some even come with a peek-a-boo window to let you watch over baby. Ideally, it should be adjustable or removable to suit your needs.
  • Parking Brake: This is necessary and must be used when parking your stroller. In most strollers, the parking brake is engaged by a single toe-tap.
  • Quick-Release Wheels: Wheels that can be easily removed and put back on make your stroller more compact and easy to store.
  • Easy to Fold:  Check that the stroller is easy to fold and unfold. Some may even fold into a self-standing position.
  • Cup Holders: Use your stroller cup holders with caution. Some cup holders are not deep enough to hold water bottles securely, putting the bottles at risk of falling onto baby’s head. Even worse is the possibility of a hot coffee tumbling out.
  • Storage:  The storage basket under the stroller seat is not only a convenient place to keep your purse and baby supplies. It also helps stabilize the stroller and prevent it from tipping over.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: If you aren’t of average height, or there is a big difference between your height and that of your spouse’s, then an adjustable handlebar will be Running with the handle at the wrong height is uncomfortable and inefficient, and can even cause injury.
  • Comfort:  The stroller seat style and padding are important to keep in mind for baby’s comfort. The more comfortable your baby is in the stroller, the longer he or she will be happy to stay in it. Sling-style seats are the most comfortable, since they are suspended within the frame and there is no hard seat to bounce against. Fabrics should be soft and breathable, especially if being used in regions with warmer climate.
  • Intended Use: Probably the most important thing to consider when shopping for a jogging stroller is how often you will actually use the stroller for running. Someone using it for short errands or urban strolling should prioritize, say, maneuverability over runability. Serious runners, however, might want to invest in a high-performance stroller with features geared towards athletic activity.


Jogging strollers today are very versatile and functional, so there’s no reason why you and your baby can’t enjoy an urban trot or off-road adventure together. With an extensive array of models and features available on the market, anyone, from the serious runner to the occasional outdoor enthusiast, can find a model that best suits their needs.

Luciana Jack - June 30, 2017

I will give it all to the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller! It’s such a perfect jogging stroller you can bank on any day, any time. And the most interesting thing I love about it is the simplicity and ease that comes with its parking brakes. Now I enjoy myand always me want to be on the road with my boy.

Brandi Cee - July 1, 2017

I so much love the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller too. It’s cool and wonderful. The only thing I would like the manufacturer to work upon is the seat fabric. It will be very good if it can be removed and washed. Thanks!

Debbie Navarro - July 2, 2017

The Chicco Active3 is the stroller I ended up getting when I was seriously concerned about how to go about my daily workouts while keeping in mind that I have a girl that also need my attention. The stroller is just the perfect option for me. Though I have not had the privilege of testing other strollers, this one is good enough for me. And its parking brakes work super efficiently!

Danielle A. - July 2, 2017

My baby is just 5 months but she is the strong type that can hold herself up well. Can I use this stroller too, because I want to resume my workouts as early as possible?

Sophia - August 31, 2017

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Best strollers 2018 - December 8, 2017

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Best Baby strollers 2018 - December 17, 2017

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