7 Proven Benefits and Uses of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite ClayPerhaps you’ve heard about Aztec Secret, Amazon’s bestselling beauty product. Its full name is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and it’s got an amazing tagline: World’s Most Powerful Facial.

On its label, you’ll also read ‘100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay.’ To use, you’ll need to mix it with water or apple cider vinegar and apply it to your face. It’s supposed to draw out impurities and leave your pores extra clean.

Celebrity fans of this mask include Khloe Kardashian and Mindy Kaling.

So what exactly is bentonite clay and why is it such a big deal in the skincare industry?

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite or bentonite clay is an absorbent clay consisting mostly montmorillonite and is formed from weathering of volcanic ash.

According to WebMD, clays such as bentonite work by binding to certain metals and preventing them from being absorbed by the stomach and intestines. People take clay orally for diarrhea, stomach disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, poisonings, and nausea though more evidence is needed to prove the effectiveness of clay for these uses.

Now you may be wondering what about the proven uses of bentonite? I’m so glad you asked because I’ve listed down 7 awesome benefits and uses of bentonite clay.

Bentonite Clay Benefits:


1. Thicker Hair

Who doesn’t want soft, shiny tresses? If you have fine hair or hair that’s naturally oily, clay can work wonders on your locks. Bentonite is also great for those with natural or frizzy hair.

If you’re curious about washing or detoxing your hair with a clay mask or trying a similar option like Morrocan Rhassoul clay, you can try this pre-made organic hair mask  or this clay mask as part of your pamper-me-time.

2. Natural Deodorant

Deodorants don’t actually stop sweat, they just make the odor go away. But adding bentonite to your natural deodorant can help reduce sweat. That’s because it’s an absorbent clay.

Here’s an excellent choice for natural deodorant with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, essential oil, and of course clay.

3. Clear Skin

As I have mentioned above, you can use bentonite as a facial mask. You don’t have to use the Aztec Secret brand, just make sure you’re using high-quality clay.

What you want is to scoop clay powder (enough to cover your face) and mix it with either water or apple cider vinegar. Apply on your face and let it dry. Wash with a warm cloth and apply your favorite moisturizer.

4. Face Powder

If you’ve run out of your favorite translucent powder to set your makeup, you can use bentonite as a substitute.

What’s great about this hack is that you’ll be shine-free for longer and your pores will be less visible.

5. Ouchies

If you or your little one’s got cuts, bites, or burns, you can apply a thick layer of bentonite (like a poultice) to soothe and heal the ouchies.

You can put a wet gauze or cloth over the clay poultice, leave it overnight or change every two hours.

6. Detox Bath

Think of this as a full body mask or bathing in mineral-rich water. You’ll need 1 cup of bentonite, about a gallon of water, and drops of your favorite essential oil.

Dissolve the clay in a small bowl before adding to your tub. Then pour about 3 to 4 drops of essential oil. Soak for about 40 minutes then air dry.

7. Spot Treatment

You know how you always get a huge pimple before an important event? Luckily for us, there’s bentonite spot treatment.

You can mix bentonite with apple cider vinegar or water and apply to the angry zit. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can leave it overnight or wash after 15 minutes.

What about you? Do you use clay in your beauty/wellness routine? Don’t forget to share your bentonite tips in the comments section!

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Cynthia V - May 20, 2017

Before I used this, I do have these irritating big pimples on my face that makes me want to hide indoor all day. But after giving Bentomite clay a try, I noticed my face now enjoy some level of freedom from those pimples.

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