Amazing Hidden Pictures Coloring Page

I love the Hidden Pictures Coloring page that we came up with this weekend.  When I started thinking about the project, I wasn’t sure it was going to work.  But, it did.  And I’m pretty excited about the results!

Letter A Hidden Pictures - My Little Me

This letter A coloring page with hidden pictures was inspired by a book we recently found.  We all LOVE this book.  It is called Secrets of the Apple Tree and it is seriously awesome!  First, take a look at this book:

Cool, huh!?!

So, I wanted to make something to go along with it.  And this is what we came up with.

Letter A Hidden Pictures Coloring Page

  • You will need to print out one set of the .pdf’s in the link below.
  • You will also need one one sheet of black construction paper

The first page (the front) is a big letter A with lots of fun flowers that the kids can color.  Have the kids color this while you prepare the other pieces you will need.

Letter A Shine Light

PRINT HERE –>Hidden Pictures Coloring Page <–PRINT HERE

While they are coloring use the blank letter a template to cut out around your letter A.  DO NOT cut outsdie of the letter A.  You will cut from the inside so that you will have the outline of the letter A in your black construction paper.  And you will have the inside piece of the letter A.  These will be glued onto the letter A template WITH the pictures.  Sounds confusing, but here’s the end product.

letter A back

Then once your kids are finished with their coloring, you can glue the coloring page and the pictures page you just created together, back to back.

And it’s finished.  When your child shines the light through from the back, they will see the hidden pictures show up through the front.  Pretty neat!

All of the hidden pictures start with the letter A to go along with the Apple Tree book and the letter A coloring page.

I love that the book and the picture shows children that things are there even if you can’t see them at first.  You sometimes need to take a closer look to see all of the hidden wonders of the world.

Hidden Pictures Letter A Coloring Page - My Little Me

Tina - April 2, 2015

That’s a really fun idea! And thank you for the free printable!

    Jennifer Dickison - April 3, 2015

    Thank you so much, Tina! And I hope you enjoy it!

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