6 Fun Sight Word Printables and Activities

I’ve rounded up a few fun sight word printables and activities from some of my favorite educational blogs.

Sight Word Printables & Activities

I have one daughter in first grade and another going into preschool next year.  I want to get them off to a good start with reading while still having fun.  Check out some of my favorites below.

Sight Word Printables and Activities

sight word go fishSight Word Go Fish – This fun printable sight word go fish game from Teach Mama is a great way to help your kiddos work on their sight words.  Played exactly the same as the Go Fish game that most kids know and love!  An easy way to teach the kids in just 10-15 minutes a day.  My kids have been begging me to play Go Fish with them every day for a week now, so I’m sure they would love to play it with their sight words!

sight word crayon rubbingsSight Word Crayon Rubbing – I remember taking my crayons and a stack of papers around with me as a child.  I would find different things to color over to get different textures.  It was a lot of fun! I love this creative idea from Sugar Aunts for helping kids to feel their sight words instead of just see them.  Letting the kids do sight word crayon rubbings is a great way of providing a sensory method of learning their sight words.

sight word bingosight word bingoSight Word Bingo – This is  a fun game using sight words for the Kindergarten level.  Sight Word Bingo uses pennies or some other small object to mark the words, or can even be laminated to make it reusable.  The marker can then easily be wiped off to use over and over again.  My kids have played this sight word bingo game many times.  I’m even planning to make a newer version for 1st grade and up.

sight word alienRoll a Sight Word Alien Game – How fun does this Sight Word Alien game from Playdough to Plato look!?  And it is easily customizable to whatever words you want to use.  You could use this for spelling words, colors or any words your child is having trouble with!

sight word dominoesSight Word Dominoes – I love this Sight Word Dominoes game from No Time For Flash Cards!  My kids love playing games and my daughter also likes to read.  This game is perfect to reinforce any words that she needs to work on.

sight word scavenger huntSight Word Scavenger Hunt – Another one of my favorites is this sight word scavenger hunt game by Sugar Aunts.  I love that it not only helps kids with their sight words, but it gets them outside and moving at the same time!  The cards are hidden and they have to find them to cover all of the words on the sidewalk.  This could also be done inside on a rainy day.

We are going to have a lot of fun learning more and more sight words!  Also don’t forget about our free Sight Word Worksheets download for subscribers!

I was looking for a handful of fun sight word printables and activities to use with both of my daughters. One in 1st grade and the other preschool. I want them both to get off to a great start. These activities will help.

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