3 Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club.  The opinions and text are all mine. For the past month I’ve been browsing Pinterest trying to find ideas of healthy recipes for the holidays. Specifically whole 30 recipes, or close. I finished my Whole 30 in the middle of October and […]

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Super simple Whole 30 approved & low FODMAP banana pudding recipe.

Super Simple Whole 30 Banana Pudding

I’ve come around to this Whole 30 Banana Pudding recipe after a very enlightening journey.  I started my very first Whole 30 about 32 days ago.  I’ve always had digestive issues, I was addicted to fast food and mostly eating processed foods.  I felt like crap, I couldn’t lose weight.  I wanted desperately to do […]

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Gymboree Baby Line

Snuggle Your Baby with Extra Snuggly Clothing

  *Post inspiration provided.  All thoughts are my own. Is it just me or are these babies just adorable?!  I just want to squish their cheeks! They look so soft and cuddly wearing outfits from Gymboree’s newborn essentials. I have five kids already and the youngest is two.  I swore I was done having babies, […]

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We had SO much fun working through all of these letter A activities for kids! One of my favorites is the apple playdough!

Huge List Of Letter A Activities for Kids!

I wanted to share with you a nice list of letter A activities and crafts you can use with your kids.  Below you will find letter A ideas of all kinds, including crafts, science fun, playdough recipes and mats, songs and nursery rhymes, printables, fun recipes, sensory bins, fine motor skills activities and more! Letter […]

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how to handle friend moving

How To Handle A Friend Moving Away

How do you handle it when a toddler has a friend moving away? Losing a friend to a move can be very tough on most adults, but what about little people? How do you help a toddler realize and cope with the fact that her best friend won’t be around anymore? My three and a half […]

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Letter A Lacing Cards

Lace Up These Letter A Cards for Fine Motor Practice!

Lacing Cards are so fun for the little kids!  The letter A lacing cards set is the first one I have made and used with my kids and they took to it right away!  I do have some tips later on for using these, so check those out after you print a set out for […]

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Phones Services Live Well on One Income

Living Well on One Income – How to Budget Cell Phone Service

Before you can start cutting expenses from your budget, you should sit down and create a budget with your partner.  Then you can look at all of the individual areas where you can cut back and work toward living well on one income. We’ve already discussed budgeting entertainment expenses, and the next area where we […]

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Constant Struggle with ADHD

A Constant Struggle with ADHD

I wrote this post 4 years ago.  It’s amazing to see how things have changed in our struggle with ADHD and how they have remained the same.  My son is now 12 and while he does have moments of super hyperactivity, they aren’t ALL the time like they used to be.  And he is currently […]

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We began budgeting entertainment expenses as part of our path to living comfortably on one income. We found out there are so many things we can live without, and are surprisingly happier without!

Living Well on One Income – Budgeting Entertainment Expenses

Have you read through the first step in living well on one income?  Before you look at budgeting your entertainment, you might want to read through the first step if you haven’t. After you have discussed all of your expenses and income and you can physically see on paper how it all stacks up, then […]

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seed paper cards

The Tiny Seed – Seed Paper Gift – Booking Across the USA

I am so excited to share our seed paper project and this amazing round of posts with you.  A large group of my blogging friends and I have come together to participate in Booking Across the USA.  Each blogger chose an author from one of the states and will be creating a craft or activity to […]

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